Department of Computer-science




                                    S.R & B.G.N.R Government Arts and Science College was established in 1956 to cater the educational needs of the Rural and Backward areas in and around Khamam town. The college has been flourishing into a prestigious institution gradually enhancing its academic potentialities by attuning itself the needs of the changing times. Today it is the lead college and well known college in the Telangana area. Since Khammam is semi-urban area and is located aimed a commercially and industrially potential area, the college felt the need for introducing novel and Job Oriented Restructured courses to attend the demand of the day and the society.

S.R & B.G.N.R Government Arts and Science College, Khammam has introduced the Computer Course in the year 1997 with B.Sc Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science combination. The course was started with an intake of 30 students that was the humble beginning. In the immediately successive year, i.e,(1998-1999) computer course with B.A and B.Com classes also was introduced. Since then there has been a steady and evident development of the department being funded by the Student's special fee funds, Government budget.

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