Department of Zoology


1.Name of the Department : ZOOLOGY

2. About Department ( History ):      The Department of Zoology was established in 1956, offering conventional as well as certificate course (Clinical Pathology) at under graduation level. The department of zoology started M.Sc zoology from 2016-17 . We have five (5) sanctioned posts which are presently working in our department.    There are two laboratories and one museum under the supervision of the department of Zoology.We have well established clinical pathology lab sponsored by UGC under the supervision of Dept.of zoology.At present,  we have a faculty of five (5)well qualified Lecturers among them one is Doctorate and two ‘Net’ qualifiers, the other one is experienced with M.Sc.,B.Ed.  One faculty member is completed Minor Research Project.  The faculty members actively take part in various seminars, symposia etc. and Keep themselves afresh with newer  trends in Biology.  The Department also organize a two day national seminar on “Immune disorders and current trends in immunology” on December 12th  and 13th 2012 sponsored by UGC SERO, Hyderabad.

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